Data Management Plan

The openENTRANCE project will produce a number of datasets concerning historic development and scenarios of future energy transitions in Europe. We are dedicated to the goal of the European Commission and the Horizon 2020 programme to make all academic work FAIR. All historical and scenario data sets will be made available via the “open platform” (developed in WP4), with references to supporting literature and hyperlinks (where possible) to the open-source modelling frameworks used to generate the scenarios. All academic publications and policy briefs resulting from this project will be made available either following the green or gold open access standard and will be published on a dedicated project website.

The data will be useful for policymakers and researchers to assess quantified scenarios of the energy transition and related policy measures. The open platform will facilitate the re-use of results from openENTRANCE as reference in scientific work by other modelling teams and for science communication activities by NGOs and other organizations working on related topics.

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Platform Innovation Recommendation

This document (Open ENTRANCE deliverable 4.5) suggests innovation recommendations for the continued development of the Open Platform, developed as part

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Guidelines for policy-science interface

This report describes the science-policy interface in the H2020 project Open ENTRANCE and gives the project’s recommendations to how future energy system projects in Europe may strengthen their interaction with policy and decision makers.