Analysis framework, functional specification of models, and conceptual assessment of the linkages among them defined in the Case Studies and Pathways

The development and use of models as decision tools has increased steadily in the past few years. Given its complexity, the energy sector is one of the contexts where this trend can be seen more intensely. We can find different models that include sectoral models, macro-economic models, investment models, operation models or integrated assessment ones. These models have different scopes and granularities and have been developed at different institutions within different platforms. If the aim is to generate a perspective on the entire implications of the energy transition, it is necessary to use several of these models concurrently and in a consistent manner, that is, integrating them. This document presents the framework for the connection of models that has been developed in the context of openENTRANCE.

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Case study results

This report (Open ENTRANCE deliverable 6.2) presents results of the 8 case studies performed during the project, covering the main topics of the energy transition.