“Flexibility options for the future EU energy system” online workshop on 2 November 2022

On 2 November, 12:00-16:00, there will be an online workshop where highlights from the case studies of openENTRANCE will be presented. Discussions will be held with relevant stakeholders on each case study. Some of the topics touched will be:

  • Demand response – behaviour of individuals: What is the potential flexibility from demand response from household consumers and what is its impact on the integrated European electricity system cost, operation and investments needs?
  • Impact of communities of actors: How will partly self-supplied communities of actors impact the power system? What is their impact on the system at the European level?
  • Flexibility of batteries and pumped hydro storage: How can batteries balance future variable wind and solar power production? What are the consequences on the Pan-European power system of an increased pumped-hydro storage capacity for the Iberian Peninsula and Norway?

More details to come. Watch this space.

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