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Macro-economic impacts of a low-carbon transition in Europe

We present a comparative analysis of macroeconomic impacts of the four openENTRANCE decarbonization scenarios until the year 2050 using the outcomes of two Computable General Equilibrium models.


Analysis framework, functional specification of models, and conceptual assessment of the linkages among them defined in the Case Studies and Pathways

This document presents the framework for the connection of models that has been developed in the context of openENTRANCE.


Quantitative Scenarios for Low Carbon Futures of the European Energy System on Country, Region and Local Level

In this deliverable, we present updates of pan-European scenario results, together with selected highlights of European country-specific and region-specific scenario results.

Abstract representation of a computer model

Definition and Implementation of Upgrades of openENTRANCE Models to Make Them Open-Source

This report focuses on the steps and requirements that the process of opening up a model should comply with, as well as some evidences of the opening-up of the models within the project.


Definition and implementation of the interface between the models in the suite and Common Database

Descriptions of the interaction needed between models being used on the openENTRANCE project, to create an integrated modelling platform.

3d eco green energy background

Quantitative Scenarios for Low Carbon Futures of the pan-European Energy System

The four quantitative scenarios for low-carbon futures of the pan-European energy system presented in the following report built upon the four storylines developed at the beginning of the openENTRANCE project.