Definition and Implementation of Upgrades of openENTRANCE Models to Make Them Open-Source

This report focuses on the concept of openness of the suite of models populating the openENTRANCE platform. In this respect, the document provides an explanation of the necessary steps needed to define an open-source model, followed by a report of the experiences of the openENTRANCE modelling teams in opening the models they have developed and are maintaining. The core of the report is represented by a set of tables, one for each modelling, team containing information about the steps taken to revise, restructure and simplify the source code of their models as well as providing them with a user guide and a suitable opensource license.

The deliverable can serve as a basis both for project stakeholders and for third parties, such as modelling teams interested in engaging in collaboration with the openENTRANCE platform also beyond the lifespan of the project, to understand the steps that have been taken to make the models suitable for a transparent interaction around a common platform. This will give researchers and modelers the possibility to use the models that have been included in the initial suite of tools operating around the openENTRANCE platform and facilitate future interactions between the created platform and third parties interested in exploiting its potentialities using their own models.

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Case study results

This report (Open ENTRANCE deliverable 6.2) presents results of the 8 case studies performed during the project, covering the main topics of the energy transition.