Open Modelling Platform

openENTRANCE develops an open, transparent and integrated modelling platform for assessing low-carbon transition pathways in Europe in line with the European and global climate, economic and energy targets. The platform gathers a suite of state of-the-art modelling tools and data for covering the multiple dimensions of a clean energy transition. Models concentrating on different aspects of the energy transition are linked to each other in order to allow integrated analyses, moving beyond the unidimensional analysis that each of the models offers separately.

In addition, during the project’s process openENTRANCE is improving the adequacy of the energy modelling approaches in different ways, by:

An open platform

The openENTRANCE platform allows an extended and open functionality by enabling third party users to have access to input data, tools and modelling results. Third parties are also allowed to link their own tools in the modelling suite.

The platform provides a large-scale common database with data about human behaviour which can be used in modelling exercises, as well as downloaded. Open data from EU-wide behavioural experiments and real-life multi-national field-tests of households’ response to flexible electricity tariffs are available for use in the open models. In addition, third party users are also be able to upload own data to conduct analyses with the modelling suite.

The common database, hosted by the project partner IIASA, will be openly available to use by any interested stakeholder for at least 10 years after the project’s conclusion.

Platform co-creation

Stakeholders increase the openness of the openENTRANCE platform.

openENTRANCE hosts workshops to engage with policy and decision makers, businesses, researchers and civil society to increase openness to collaborative research on energy system modelling.

Involved stakeholders discuss the most pressing energy transition challenges that require investigation, how the research approach should be, which data sources are relevant, or how to interpret the results. Additionally, discussions among researchers are facilitated regarding the functionality of the open platform and how it can be developed and used within and beyond openENTRANCE.

An integrated platform

The models of the platform are connected in such way that they complement each other, using the results of one tool as the source for another tool.

This way, analyses can be expanded to answer more complex questions covering more dimensions and provide more comprehensive answers to policy makers and other interested stakeholders.

The openENTRANCE Scenario Explorer

Find the nomenclature including the data base and data format here.

The openENTRANCE Scenario Explorer is available here. If you use the Guest login, there are a number of pop-ups to guide you on how to use the Scenario Explorer.