Platform Innovation Recommendation

This document (Open ENTRANCE deliverable 4.5) suggests innovation recommendations for the continued development of the Open Platform, developed as part of the Open ENTRANCE project.

Section 1 provides an overview of new developments implemented in the modeling platform over the course of the project. Section 2 collects ideas and feature requests that arose over the course of the Open ENTRANCE project but which could not be implemented within this project. This document can therefore serve as input to other, ongoing Horizon projects like the European Climate and Energy Modeling Forum (ECEMF) or PRISMA.

The ideas and feature requests presented in this document were collected throughout the project. In addition, a dedicated workshop session was held at the final consortium meeting, which took place in Trondheim on March 23, 2023.

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Open ENTRANCE logo, on a background showing a coal power plant and some wind turbines.

Case study results

This report (Open ENTRANCE deliverable 6.2) presents results of the 8 case studies performed during the project, covering the main topics of the energy transition.