Case Study 2 – Communities of Actors

The concept of optimizing local PV self-generation and consumption on ‘prosumers’ level is already well established in many European countries. Recently, a further development of this concept beyond individual prosumer boundaries to neighbourhood and district level has been triggered not least by the ‘EC Clean Energy Package’ (the establishment of energy communities and further ‘democratization’ […]


Hydropower is the most important power production resource in Norway, and the country has approximately half of Europe’s reservoir capacity. Ca 85 TWh of storage capacity is distributed on more than 1000 reservoirs and in a number of cascade-coupled river systems. Long term optimisation of the use of the water resources is a complex problem […]

Plan4EU modelling suite, EDF/plan4res H2020 project

The goal of plan4res is to develop a modeling framework that allows to obtain a holistic assessment of the energy system. Having such an ambitious goal, it is required to divide the energy system in models that cover the different aspects of the energy system. This modular framework allows to make use of the most […]