Open ENTRANCE final conference: Decarbonisation of the European energy system

Open modelling platform and analysis results

The highly anticipated final conference of the EU Horizon 2020 project Open ENTRANCE, titled “Decarbonisation of the European Energy System – Open Modelling Platform and Analysis Results” took place online on 2 June 2023.

This online event showcased the achievements of the Open ENTRANCE project, which aims to support the transition to a low-carbon economy in Europe by providing an open, transparent, and integrated modelling platform for assessing low-carbon transition pathways.

During the workshop, participants got a presentation of the innovative open modelling platform developed by the project, along with a detailed exploration of the low-emission scenarios for the European energy system that were modelled. They were also provided with an overview of the macroeconomic consequences of decarbonisation as demonstrated by our models, and present the results of our case studies. These case studies delve into specific aspects of the transition, such as the need for flexibility in the energy system and various means to achieve it.

The conference was open to all: energy modellers, policy makers, social and political actors alike; anyone interested in realising a sustainable, low-carbon future!

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Chair: Petter Støa, Vice President of SINTEF Energy Research

10.00 – 12.30

 1. Introduction

    1. Conference objectives, Petter Støa, SINTEF Energy Research
    2. The Open ENTRANCE project at a glance, Coordinator Ingeborg Graabak, SINTEF Energy Research

2. Decarbonisation of the European energy system

    1. Decarbonisation scenarios European countries 2050, Konstantin Löffler, TU Berlin / Europa-Universität Flensburg
    2. Macroeconomic analyses of the European energy transition, Hettie Boonman, TNO
    3. Case studies about specific challenges of the energy transition, Sandrine Charousset, EDF

12.30 – 13.30: LUNCH

13.30 – 15.00

3. The Open Modelling Platform

    1. About the Open Modelling Platform, Daniel Huppmann, IIASA
    2. Experience from use of the Open Platform, Luis Olmos, Comillas
    3. Further use of the Open Platform in new projects, Pedro Crespo del Granado, NTNU, and Luis Olmos, Comillas

4. Concluding remarks

    1. Comments from the Commission, TBD
    2. Conclusions from the project, Hans Auer, TU Wien and Ingeborg Graabak, SINTEF Energy Research

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into Europe’s path towards climate goals and the economic costs associated with different energy pathways. Add the event and Teams link to your calendar by clicking the button below.

The conference is open to all: policymakers, social and political actors, energy modellers alike; anyone interested in realising a sustainable, low-carbon future!

For more details or questions: contact Open ENTRANCE coordinator Ingeborg Graabak

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Case study results

This report (Open ENTRANCE deliverable 6.2) presents results of the 8 case studies performed during the project, covering the main topics of the energy transition.