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Exploitation and IPR management strategy – final version

Open ENTRANCE was a 4-year H2020 project (2019 -2023). Open ENTRANCE developed, applied and disseminated an open, transparent and integrated modelling platform designed to assess low-carbon transition pathways in Europe. The platform is populated with a suite of open state-of-the-art models that process data derived from multiple dimensions of the energy transition. Data is also made open available via the platform according to the FAIR principles. This report (Open ENTRANCE deliverable 8.2) describes the Exploitation and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) management plan for Open ENTRANCE. There are different results from Open ENTRANCE: an open modelling platform, open models, linked models,

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Platform Innovation Recommendation

This document (Open ENTRANCE deliverable 4.5) suggests innovation recommendations for the continued development of the Open Platform, developed as part of the Open ENTRANCE project. Section 1 provides an overview of new developments implemented in the modeling platform over the course of the project. Section 2 collects ideas and feature requests that arose over the course of the Open ENTRANCE project but which could not be implemented within this project. This document can therefore serve as input to other, ongoing Horizon projects like the European Climate and Energy Modeling Forum (ECEMF) or PRISMA. The ideas and feature requests presented in

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Guidelines for policy-science interface

This report describes the science-policy interface in the H2020 project Open ENTRANCE and gives the project’s recommendations to how future energy system projects in Europe may strengthen their interaction with policy and decision makers.